In this fast paced life when most of us lead a hectic schedule, yoga helps us in breathing a wave of fresh air. The doctrine of yoga and meditation has a direct connection with an individual’s health and fitness. It is a mental and a physical practice which helps in controlling our mind, body and soul.


The word yoga has been derived from a Sanskrit word ‘yuj’, which means a union between us and our soul. Yoga not only helps us in maintaining a mind-body balance but also rejuvenates us. Yoga reduces all the barriers of caste and religion and is the ultimate therapy for a healthy body.

Yoga is a gift to humanity. In this modern era, where people are too busy working they should take out some time for themselves and practice yoga to relax their bodies and brains. The asanas in yoga are for both old and young people and can be used to treat various ailments. Thus yoga is the way of life and is the secret to better health and happiness in life. Regular practice helps people in bringing a remarkable change in their lifestyle.


On June 21 every year from the past two years the world celebrates International Yoga Day. Yoga is worth practising as it helps an individual to stay fit and it should not be confined to a day instead should be practised daily. Yoga not only helps in curing various diseases and ailments but also helps an individual to be strong mentally and to increase their focus. It should be incorporated into one’s daily schedule. Thus yoga can be called as an art of self-transformation.


Yoga as a form of exercise is good for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We should aim at inculcating it in our daily lives. This will help us escape lethargy and monotony of an everyday regime. It should be adopted as a form of exercise for getting the best results, making it an important part of our daily routine. Thus yoga is the best thing happened to mankind.

Stay Healthy, Stay Fit!

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