Ishqbaaz is a popular Hindi serial which is aired on Star plus 5 days a week at 10 pm. If you watch this serial you must definitely be loving the cute character of Anika who is a middle class girl and now a wife of a business tycoon Mr. Shivay Singh Oberoi. Anika often speaks some words and lines that could be understandable only to huddle masses and not to super rich and educated people like Shivay. This is the reason why Anika is favourite of many people next door.


Here is a list of some words/dialogues of Anika which makes her extremely cute and amusing character.

1. Kya khidkitod idea hai

She often uses this dialogue which means what an amazing idea it is.

Anika's Dialogue

2. Michmichi ho rahi hai

She uses this line to express her disgusting feeling.

3. Two-rupee harkat

This one is the cutest dialogue which she uses to express cheap behaviour of someone.

Anika's Dialogue

4. Kanji Ankhon Wala

This line is used by her for her very own husband to indicate his greyish-blue eye colour.

Anika's Dialogue

5. Oh bete Ki

By saying “oh bête ki” she means Oh my God.

Anika's Dialogue

6. Tadibaaz

This word is used by her for a person who has a lot of attitude.

Anika's Dialogue

7. Biscuit ko Chaye mein Dubo kar nahi Khaya Kabhi?

By saying this she means have you never tasted a biscuit by dipping it in the tea?

8. Pinky Promise

Pinky Promise means God promise or full-fledged promise.

Anika's Dialogue

If you have more Khidkitod dialogues of Anika then do share with us in the comment section below!!!And don’t forget to share and like the article.

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