We all have heard about the famous Justin Bieber’s Purpose World Tour concert in India. Most of us were very happy at imagining that we could see the young pop sensation singing live in front of us. Many have already booked their entry passes for the much-awaited concert in DY Patil Stadium in Mumbai.

But did anyone of us ever thought that our money would go wasted?

Did we think that we would get lip syncing instead of live singing?

Justin bieber-Lip syncing

Well, all the expectations and fantasies of all the Indian Beliebers were shattered when they started feeling that Justin Bieber is not singing live but was Lip syncing most of this songs.

It is said that he only sang 4 songs live and others were lip synced by this Canadian singer. He left the audience enrage and displeased. Although the prices of the tickets for the concert were different relating to silver tickets or gold tickets but the price was not something worth paying.

justin bieber-lip syncing

Many believed that it was because of the rough summer weather in India and that he is not used to it but saying that would be just an excuse.

Most of the people who attended the concert said that they were really upset from Bieber’s performance and that they expected much from him. They even compared Justin Bieber’s concert with the concerts of other singers/bands too like Coldplay and One Direction which they have attended sometime earlier in some other place and said that they were much better than Bieber’s concert. They said that they felt that they have just wasted their money in buying those tickets and wouldn’t have bought them at first place. But what’s the use now…what is done is done and this huge amount of money has gone wasted just like that!!

justin beiber-lip syncing

We would just say that the people who got free entry passes are the luckiest people in India at this time and all our sympathies to the people who just wasted their money for Lip-Syncing.

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