Well, we all must be thinking what to do this summer break?

Although summer vacations are really awesome as we get some time to relax and enjoy yourself but it also comes with little bit boredom (until and unless you go for a trip). And if you aren’t, then what?

Frankly, we need something to pass our time and to do… so what better than watching all the series we have been listening to from our friends or colleagues or maybe over the internet?

You must have heard all about series like Friends, Big Bang Theory, HIMYM, GoT etc. and most of us have probably watched them too.

So here we bring you the names of 10 TV series other than these to watch this summer break and kill your time and boredom!!


1. Reign

It is a series based on the life of Mary, Queen of Scots. The show emphasises on her struggle to protect her crown and her country.

2. Suits

It is a legal show showing the problems and the solutions which the badass Harvey Specter tries to find for all his problems and for the law firm in which he works in!!

3. The Vampires Diaries

It is a story based on the life of two vampire brothers Damon Salvatore and Stefan Salvatore and how they fell in love with a human girl. Its plot revolves around the people living in the town named Mystic Falls.

4. Gossip Girl

This series which tells how rich lads behave the poor ones and the way they live their life. The story basically displays the city of Manhattan and the life of 5 friends.

Gossip girl
5. Awkward

The protagonist of the show is Jenna Hamilton who is a sophomore. It shows her journey from being a sophomore to getting into college and the way she tackles the problems and humiliation in her life!!

6. Dexter

It is a mystery series showing the homicidal behaviour of Dexter, the main character of the show.

7. Breaking Bad

The show displays the life of Walter White who is a chemistry teacher. It is a criminal drama show.

Breaking Bad
8. Sherlock

It is a crime based series which shows how Sherlock Holmes used to solve every mysterious case in the town to help the police catch the culprit.

9. Supernaturals

The show revolves around the life of two brothers, Dean and Sam Winchester. They try to find out the actual reason for their mother’s death and try to eradicate every supernatural thing from Earth.

10. Chuck

The main character of the series is Chuck who downloads the most vital government secrets into his brain and thus becomes one of the most dangerous secret agents.



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