Are you one of those who loves eating??

And what if you get beautiful aura while relishing food?

It would be a cherry on the cake. Right?


Here is a list of 10 theme restaurants where you can relish your food while enjoying the surroundings


1. Nature’s Toilet Café, Ahmedabad

Ever wondered eating food on the lavatory of your bathroom? This café will give you exactly the same experience of having food in the bathroom. This concept surely gives the picture of a broad mindset of people coming out with unique ideas.

Nature's Toilet cafe
2. Rainforest Restaurant, Chennai

Relish the taste of scrumptious and delightful meal in between the lap of nature. This restaurant in Chennai will take you on a ride to the Amazon Forest of Brazil in the blink of an eye to relish the exotic taste of nature.

Rainforest Restaurant
3. Village, Hyderabad

This restaurant in Hyderabad is based on the theme of rural India. It will give you the sereness of an Indian village with the spice of authentic Indian cuisines.

Village, Hyderabad
4. Kaidi Kitchen, Chennai

This jail theme restaurant takes you behind the bars of jail without even committing a crime. And the best part of this restaurant is that the criminals (guests) get the VIP treatment by the police officers (waiters dressed like police officers).

Kaidi Kitchen, Chennai
5. Imly, Delhi

Designed in the form of a train, this restaurant in Delhi will take you to the journey of having food in the most unusual form giving you the taste of spicy Indian street food.

Imly, Delhi
6. Gufaa, Hyderabad

This cave themed restaurant in Hyderabad descends you into the mysterious depths of the cave while having the Hyderabad’s most famous biryani.

Gufaa, Hyderabad
7. Hoppipola, Pune

This colourful/playful quirky restaurant brings out the child in you. The tables here are chalkboards where you can doodle your heart out and can also relish the food at the same time.

Hoppipola, Pune
8. Filmy Zayaka, Agra

This restaurant in Agra is based on a theme of Bollywood. The ambience of the place reflects the Bollywood with posters of famous characters and movies. The menu is very elaborate with enough of mughalai and Chinese food.

Filmy Zayaka
9. Café Torque, Delhi

This is a bike-themed restaurant made for all the bike lovers. With the perfect ambience supporting the bike theme and also the relish food, this restaurant is a must visit for all the bike lovers.

10. Leaping windows, Mumbai

This place will bring out your love for books and also the foodie in you. You can read a variety of comic books and novels here and also savour the wave of great cuisine.


Bon Appetite!! 


If you have been to any of these restaurants then share your experiences with us. And if you have something more to add to the list then comment in the comment section below!!!









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