The first lady of US has been talk of the town not because she has become the first lady of US but because of her dressing style and the style statement she is creating in the fashion world. Most of the people in the fashion fraternity have also praised her style and the way she carries herself.


Here are 5 awesome ways she makes a causal look, look more chic.


1. Choice of the footwear

She always tries to choose a color of her pumps or stilettos according to her dress. She was once seen wearing bright peach stilettos with a white dress at the airbase in Washington, US. She is reguarly seen wearing different types of Pumps.

melania-trump style
2. Tight up the Waist

The first lady of the US always makes a point to wear different types of belts to look stylish. She makes a causal look, look more fabulous. She has been usually caught finishing all her looks with a belt in the waist to look more elegant.

Melania-Trump style
3. Drape up the scarf

A simple scarf can add a lot of spice into a dress. A scarf is a thing which when worn can give a complete altogether different look. It can be style in various ways thus giving that out of the box look. The first lady was seen stylizing it with one of her jumpsuits in Florida.

Melania Trump Scarf Jumpsuit
4. Prepare according to the occasion

The first lady makes a point on her end to prepare herself according to the event. Not only she but her dresses are also according to the time and event. She wore a red Valentino dress when she met with the president of China, Xi Jinping and his wife, Peng Liyuan.

Melania trump
5. Accessories to add glamour

Melania Trump is often seen completing her outfit with a pair of sunglasses. She is also wears rings to complete a look. Thus her chic look is always up to the mark.

Melania trump Sunglasses

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