As the world celebrates the World Environment Day today, we too also play a part in keeping our environment green and clean.

What a better idea than to use Eco-friendly products and Go Green.

There’s no doubt that today’s world has become a big fashion hub with a variety of products being sold out. Even the designers are going for eco-friendly products for dress and other things be made through them.

Look at the list for some eco-friendly ideas to follow!!

#1 Khadi Spirit

You must have all heard about the brand Pero. The brand now uses Khadi as their main component for their clothes. A dress by Aneeth Arora is the best example for it.

Pero eco fashion
#2 Re-style your old clothes

The garment industry is considered as the second most pollution making industry. It would be considered wise if we could just re-use or re-style our old clothes in a different new way. Here is a video how we can get a jacket and cape out of old Kurtis.

#3 Be Choosy

As a buyer goes for clothes which you think you can wear multiple times. It isn’t considered smart if you just keep on increasing clothes in your wardrobe which you won’t even wear once. So be little choosy while buying!!

be choosy
#4 Go for Hand-made products

We should aim at increasing the home ground handloom industries. Handloom Industries provide different types of design and unique type of clothes.

handloom- eco friendly
#5 Upcycling

Upcycling is becoming famous these days. Many actors are seen wearing dresses which are made through upcycling. Upcycling is nothing but using old waste products into creating a new one. Recently actor Emma Watson and Shilpa Shetty was seen in such an avatar.

eco-friendly products- emma watson-beauty and the beast

So everyone here wishes everyone out there a very happy World Environment Day.

Go Green!!


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