Odisha was earlier known as Orissa, is famous for its cultural diversity. From picturesque monuments to delicious food, from jaw-dropping waterfalls to lush green forests, Orissa has everything to offer.


In this article, we would cover up 5 Main places to see when you are in this ancient yet progressive state of the country.


1. Bhubaneswar

This place is commonly called as the Temple city of India. You can find various types of temples here each having some or the other deity and people having full faith in them.

bhubaneswar, orissa

Places to visit: Odisha State Museum, Parasurameswara temple, Dhauli hills, Nandankanan Zoological Park, Kalinga Stadium among others.

2. Puri

It is also famous for its temples and the most famous among the people being Jagannath temple. One could also look out for natural scenic views. This place is famous across the globe for its vibrant festivals and witness’s people from all walks of life.

puri. orissa

Places to visit: Jagannath temple, Chilika Lake, Puri Beach, Pipili, Daya river, Atharnala Bridge.

3. Cuttack

This was famous as a former capital of Orissa and now it has gained the reputation as a business capital of the state. This place is also famous for its handicraft products.

cuttack, orissa

Places to visit: Mahanadi Barrage, Singanatha Temple, Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary, Stone Revetment of Cuttack, Barabati Fort, Netaji Birthplace Museum are some places to look out for.

4. Konark

The first thing which comes to our mind when we hear the name of Konark is the famous Sun Temple. There are other temples to look out for when in this part of the state.

Konark-Sun-Temple, orissa.jpg

Places to Visit: Sun Temple, Kuruma, Astranga, Archaeological site Museum, Ramchandi Beach

5. Sambalpur

It is considered as the gateway to western Orissa. This place has some amazing waterfalls in the country.

Sambalpur, orissa

Places to Visit: Chiplima, Hirakud Dam, Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary, Bells Galore, Cattle Island, Pradhanpat, Samaleswari temple.


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