Instagram is one of the most used apps and many people use it just like WhatsApp and Facebook. Instagram fever is so damn high that many people do some insane stuff just to increase their followers or to get famous. Are you one of those who does this? Or have you ever encountered such people on Instagram?


To know check out the list which will show you 5 different types of people we find on Instagram.


1. The first type

The meanest of all are these people who will send you request on their own will and when you accept it and follow them back they will accept your request but will unfollow you just to increase their follower’s list and not the following one.


2. The second type

The second type we all encounter on Insta are the ones who will never follow you back. They will accept your request but will never follow you back. And this happens even when you are friends or have been in a good touch.


3. The third type

The third type we all find on Insta are the ones who accept the request send by you and will also follow you back just to show you that they are following you back but after days or months have been passed and when the incident becomes misty they will unfollow you. And when after months or years you find out that they have unfollowed you what will you do? *BLOCK*


4. The fourth type

Now, these are the most hilarious ones. They like to play the public and private game. The third type you will meet on Instagram are these people who keep their account private for few days and then public for few. Again private than public. Dude, you have got a lot of time.


5. The fifth type

I guess Instagram is flooded with bloggers and models. I guess out of ten girls on Insta eight are bloggers and all from Delhi & Mumbai. Delhi’s & Mumbai’s fashion game is too damn high.


Have you encountered with such a person?? Mention about your experience in the comment section below!!

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